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Need Premium Protection? Greenhearts Security in MiamiNeed Premium Protection? Greenhearts Security in MiamiNeed Premium Protection? Greenhearts Security in MiamiNeed Premium Protection? Greenhearts Security in Miami

We will protect your assets, produce incident reports, and guard the safety of your personnel and clients.

About Us


The Security Experts:

Greenhearts Security in Miami is a licensed and bonded security company. Our number one priority is safety. We believe in training our guards to attentive and alert. Our second objective is customer service.We believe in treating your customers like family. Greenhearts provide the most professional security guards in Miami, hands down.


Our Services:

Every venue needs a certain level of security. Our company can balance safety and budget. We provide a walkthroughs of venues with an estimate for our armed and unarmed security. We can give you appropriate security from your small church event to your week long convention.


About Us:

When hiring Security guard we do an in depth background check. All of our security has all licensing and certifations. Lastly when training a new guard we test them make sure they are comfortable preforming all task required. 


Type Of Businesses That Can Benefit From Armed Security Guards?

Would your business benefit from having onsite security guards? While most every business can benefit from these services, we compiled a list of the top industries that can most benefit from onsite guards.


Construction sites:

Construction companies need to leave their valuable equipment at their building sites overnight and on the weekends. This presents an  opportunity for thieves and vandals to take advantage. An armed security  guard can help protect your assets when you are not with them. 


Residential and Retirement Communities:

Security guards help provide peace of mind for you and your family in  the place that you live. Theft, trespassing and vandalism are  significantly reduced in communities with a security guard present.



Security guards provide a safe and secure environment by responding to complaints, domestic , providing access security and helping with concierge services. 



This is now one of the most needed areas for security guards.  Unfortunately, violence in schools is at an all time high. Armed  security guards can help safeguard students, teachers, parents and  visitors, one last think its always important for security officers to interact with students that one individual may save hundreds of lives. 


Manufacturing and Industrial Companies:

Manufacturers and industrial companies are prime targets for theft and vandalism. Armed security guards can log vehicle entry and exit of the buildings. They can also verify drivers, guests and contractors while observing and directing them to the appropriate locations.


Health care:

The health care industry, hospitals in particular, see a lot of people  in and out between patients, employees and visitors. In a fast paced environment, it is a good idea to have armed security guards who can provide uncompromised attention to keeping a watchful eye on the establishment.



Security guards are hired in retail establishments to deter thieves and keep an eye out for suspicious activity from customers and employees. 


Banks and Financial Institutions:

People and information need to be protected at financial institutions.  Security guards can offer access control, monitoring security electronics, and workplace violence protection. 


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